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Olympia Expands Clinical Capabilities with Canon CT

 In an effort to provide our surrounding communities with excellent patient care, Olympia Medical Center has installed a brand new State-of-the-Art Premium 80 Slice CT Scanner into our core Radiology Department.  The scanner will be the primary technology providing physicians with key clinical tools to help diagnose and guide treatment for both in-patient and out-patients.  The new Canon CT will provide a foundation that will allow the hospital to grow its clinical services for years to come.  The new CT scanner has an open design, excellent image quality, and low dose to protect our patients from radiation – ensuring that patient safety is at the forefront of the care we provide.  Our staff will be able to handle all patients, including even the most challenging cases, thanks to the premium technology built into the scanner.  The software will also allow Olympia Medical Center to grow as our clinical services expand into areas like Cardiac and Stroke.

 CT Scanning allows physicians to see detailed anatomy of internal organs, bones, soft tissue, and blood vessels.  The data collected can be reformatted in multiple planes that generate valuable medical information to physicians so they can properly diagnose and help patients.  This cutting edge technology will allow our staff to perform specialty exams that previously were not possible.  The new Canon Prime SP can automate complex exams, integrate easy to use protocols while delivering high quality low dose images.  Olympia is proud to bring this new technology to our clinicians and patients.

Benefits of the Aquilion Prime
SP CT Scanner

  • It can scan patients that weighed up to 600 pounds.
  • The couch can go down low to 12.9 inches, thereby easier for patients to get on the couch (table).
  • The couch is 47 cm wide, which can accommodate big patient.
  • The couch has lateral movement capability of 8.4 cm (4.2 cm left/right) of table within gantry. This means that the technologist does not have to move the patient so that the patient is centered on the couch.
  • Dose reduction Features - This CT scanner has an array of adaptive and integrated dose-reduction strategies that are implemented at every stage from patient registration to image reconstruction. It also has patient dose reduction integrated into our scanning protocols to give the patient the lowest dose possible but still maintain image quality.
  • It has Sure technology - SurekV, SureExposure3D, and SurePosition.
  • SurekV- Auto kV can be set for protocols using sureExposure, and the effective kV will be automatically selected based on patient size and sureExposure settings.
  • SureExposure3D - automatically adjusts the mAs based on patient anatomy to adapt to and compensate for changes in attenuation level.
  • SurePosition - allows the Technologists to adjust the patient centering from the scanogram. this supports improved patient iso-centering for more accurate mA modulation and may help to eliminate repeat scanograms.
  • Meets the National Electrical Manufacturers Association's Medical Imaging (NEMA) and TechnologyAlliance (MITA) standards XR 25, XR 26, and XR 29.