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California Digestive Disease Institute

For scheduling and information call: 310-556-7747

The California Digestive Diseases Institute (CDDI) has gained international recognition for its excellence in treating liver, pancreas, biliary diseases and other digestive disorders. Our multi-specialty approach to patient care gives you access to nationally recognized medical doctors and other allied health professionals.

CDDI provides a wide variety of endoscopic procedures that are performed within the GI Surgical Lab at Olympia Medical Center. Versus an outpatient setting, having your procedure performed within the hospital gives you the comfort and safety of knowing your care is provided by the most experienced doctors and nurses, the latest technology and all the amenities our hospital has to offer. In addition, CDDI also provides a less invasive procedures and services in the outpatient setting.

Call the California Digestive Diseases Institute at Olympia Medical at 310.556.7747 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Vosoghi. We can consult, diagnosis and treat same day, and/or schedule your procedure as early as one week. We accept Medicare, work with your insurance carrier and can obtain pre-authorization if your insurance requires it. 

Ask about our all-inclusive cash payment option as well as our cost effective measures including controlling fees for anesthesia.